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Yet they want full-practice authority. One cannot pick and choose. If one desires to practice like a physician, then one should be held accountable just as a physician would.

What may appear to be a simple physical, UTI or Strep throat to you may, in fact, hide an occult prostate cancer, an appendicitis masquerading as a UTI or retropharyngeal abscess. What a joke. The nursing board is for the patients, and is not there to protect us, the nurse practitioners. The medical board is there to protect the MDs and the patients. I believe you have a gross misunderstanding of how the nursing board works. How does that seem fair? It only makes sense, as the Laws were written by a physician to keep a thumb on us.

Please educate yourself before commenting on my career. It is great that medical school graduates have the opportunity to go thru residency. I wished that NP schools would have this too. That first year after graduation is critical to shape you into the clinician you will become.

But you see, all space for teaching has been taken by medical residents. I do think however, that after years in family practice, an FNP can function independently very well depending on their training and experience. You mentioned statistics about safety… I would be very curious to read what your organization came up with… from what I know, it is just the opposite.

In big hospitals, in big cities, I am sure that teams are physicians led. However, in small cities and rural hospitals, all eyes turn to NPs and PAs… so, when the going gets tough, the tough get going and NPs and PAs step up to the plate. I do agree with you that a months program may not be enough. I have gone thru 3 years in my training. So, we are not all the same and our training and knowledge may vary depending on schools and prior nursing experience. As a physician, I am so disappointed in your responses. From my limited past knowledge of your work, I thought you helped other physicians fight burn out which is a great cause.

But this is just insulting and an attitude that contributes to physician burn out. Training does in fact matter. They do not know what they do not know and in many cases are harming patients. I have witnessed this first hand. In an environment where physicians are constantly asked to do more and be more, blamed for everything that is wrong with healthcare, and constantly devalued, this is the cherry on top of the bullshit pie we are forced to eat every day.

In this article you have just devalued everyone of your physician colleagues years of sacrifice and hard work.

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Shame on you. I would have expected more, much more from a fellow physician. Using this word prolongs physician captivity and victimization. I suggest you stop using it too. And if your goal is to do outpatient primary care, NPs are skilled enough to do this.

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And in a low-overhead model where they can spend minutes with a patient NPs may give higher value than a doc locked in a big-box assembly-line clinic in a 7 minute visit. Practice model matters. Degree matters. I could have been happily an NP in a outpatient practice provide safe care for my patients.

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No degree guarantees that you will practice ethical, safe, accessible medicine for your patients. Your internal motivation has a lot to do with how you eventually practice. Not unique to any degree. Again, I love being a family doc. My love for NPs and my recommendation for Ethan does not mean I love my profession any less. Do you not like NPs?

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Do you not see their value? I work with great NPs everyday. They are a vital part of healthcare teams. However, they do not have the training or the knowledge to replace primary care physicians as you suggest above. If there is any place for our brightest, most intelligent, well trained physicians, it is in rural primar care. Unfortunately, our system does not incentivize the best and bright to become primary care. Not devalue those primary care physicians that are dedicating their lives to good health care by telling them they can be replaced by nurses with much lower education and training.

Oh and I agree with the statement that we should get rid of the term physician burnout. But you advocating for this change does not make your other comments any less egregious.

You have shown your true colors and thousand of physicians out there now know what you are about. And you are obviously not about fixing or elevating the practice of medicine, nor about protecting patients.

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Here, the RN training is 4 years and NP an additional 2 years. NPs are not commonly used in family practice in this region and so it is very competitive for those who seek FNP gigs. They are always working and growing their knowledge and experience. To be employed in a position that honors NP training, the practitioner has education from a reputable university which ensures hands-on experience.

In my region, MD plus residency is 8 years. RN plus masters in nursing is 6 years. For someone who proclaims to fight for physicians and help with burnout and physician suicide, with this article you have single-handedly done more to destroy physicians and add to the toxicity of our profession. Why Dr. Put yourself in our shoes. Some of us are happy in our profession and want to fight to defend it and make it better. Oh I am so happy as a physician and I spend my life helping other docs fins their joy and happiness. Hi Dr Pamela! I am a 35 year old Filipino doctor.

Their remark on how the nurses in US are much better than the doctors in Philippines are downright derogatory Just like your article. So condescending.

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It takes years of clinical experience and years to be a good physician. To compare an NP to a doctor is laughable. Although I can be a neurosurgeon if Ill go into residency training again. Absolutely not the same.

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Dr Wible: Generally I respect the light you have brought to physician burnout, suicidality,etc, however, I feel this piece may be showing your burnout. Know your worth. It will certainly be a better financial choice and also better for his mental health. My answer was for him and for people in his position. We have many more options than following a traditional meded trajectory if we want to be healers on this planet. Everyone should choose what makes sense for them. Unfortunately, your title and much of your discussion is equating to or even elevating NP over MD. Maybe this is the right choice for this person who wrote to you.

I understand that point. Continue to bolster us.