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It has simple easy to follow instructions and diagrams. The money goes to a good cause. I have a survival guide in my car and a book on household cleaning tips. I am a housekeeper, I need to research some nasty stains from time to time. The survival handbook? Well, that's because it's good to have wherever you are. I have my tablet loaded with books I want to read or read again. I have two SD cards, each one has a survival guide, a colonial or Victorian cookbook, a book on clothes making, and a collection of good books. These cards are in a safe grounded with copper wire against an electro-magnetic pulse.

EMP is one of MY worst case scenarios.

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I will have a good library to read because I have a solar panel with the proper adapters. I have a similar collection of books printed on paper. I am not storing books to use as toilet paper. I am broadening my knowledge base now and easing my tension, knowing I have a good book to turn to in times of need. I include a Bible for myself.

I have read the Bible cover to cover once as a mental exercise in the 80s. I have slept since then and thus have a copy for reference. One of my sons is doing most of his research online, now. This works for him. He reads about pickling pork and he pickles pork.

5 Medical Reference Books For Survivalists and Preppers + A bonus book!

He researches jelly and jam and I get a picture on my phone of homemade apple and grape jelly. This is all well and good for now. He needs a good cookbook. He needs a good cookbook that predates the use of microwaves. He really needs a cookbook that predates the use of refrigeration. I guess we all know what he is getting for his next birthday! Learn what you can now, and keep a handy reference library for the things you will need to know later. Condensed Books. I collected them all. From yard sales and thrift stores, I had every Digest from the Era.

I eventually gave them to a Viet Vet who asked me about the magazines and had never read one. A lot of the humor was relatable to him and he started borrowing the magazines to read the background articles he had missed from his time away at war. I could have read the originals but I got a lot more out of reading the best bits of the best literature available at the time. How else was a housewife going to find time to read four best sellers and raise four boys? It worked for me. It was a glossy covered hand held encyclopedia of everything.

When my son went back to college, I passed it over to him as a refresher. You forget a lot of what you learned in high school and this book covered the ancient world in three four page chapters. It was a helpful tool to bring all the old forgotten lessons forward. It is also full of interesting little known facts and a fun read. Since then, I have had my eyes open looking through all of the boxes in driveways where the old books go to die before they hit the landfill.

I always suggest they get dropped off at the library. I have since found two more Book of Facts. I have found three helpful household books you might consider for your own library. The practical Problem Solver offers substitutes shortcuts, and uses for things you have on hand to solve your household problems. The Household Hints and Handy Tips book is set up in sections relating to indoors, outdoors, home and family.


It is set up alphabetically. His blog has categories on preparedness, tactical, survival, news, and off the grid. It is worth the visit!! Survival Life. In addition, to that Joe and his award winning team have packed the website with loads of practical articles such as gardening and poncho hacks.

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This website flows well, is well written, and has excellent pictures. ITS Tactical. It is jammed packed full of good articles, but also has wonderful video that is educational and informative. The staff has a great sense of humor and will have you educated and laughing at the end of the day which in our mind is worth its weight in gold.

Ready Store. Features sales items and a large blog for Do It Yourselfers. The articles on Dehydration are a must see! This company is a grandfather in the prepper space and their website and blog demands a visit. Modern Survival Blog. Modern Survival Blog is amazing and worth the visit. It is extremely direct, to the point, and well written. It cuts to the chase to deliver you solid examples, tips, tricks, and hack to use in your next prepping, survival, or preparedness situation. Mark it as a favorite today! Survival List Boards. Survival Boards has many strengths.

James Hubbard. James Hubbard is a board certified medical doctor with years of training and expertise. With this Dr.

Hubbard brings to you a site is full of both the advanced medical techniques to the home remedy based or whatever the situation calls for. Brian Green. Brian Green is an experienced hiker, backpacker, and runner. Originally born in England, Brian brings a global vantage point to hiking and fitness. His gear reviews are excellent!! Check this blog out.

Ranking the Best Survival Books of 12222

Survival Cache. Joel, Scott, and the rest of the crew at Survival Cache have come with an insightful and thought provoking blog. There is also a forum and a store to check out survival topics. Lastly, the blog has great book reviews. It is well constructed, thoughtful, and flows very well. Grow Your Own Groceries. Based in the great state of Texas, Marjory Wildcraft is revitalizing the art and education of how to grown your own groceries. This blog is one of our favorites because while some blogs only look at gardening, Marjory offers the complete education solution of livestock, aquaponics, ag economics, and other valuable homesteading lessons.

Keep it up Marjory! The Homesteading Hippy. Heather looks out how everyday people can have chickens, grow raised bed gardens, and other fun activities. In addition, Heather is a noted cook and viewers should check out her cookbook about cooking from scratch. The Moneychanger. Franklin Sanders is a Christian and American entrepreneur that runs a precious metal site. Franklin is one of the most colorful and dry wit writers you will ever encounter.

His daily emails offer insightful metal suggestions from a very humble yet wise perspective. Be sure to visit his website and sign up for the newsletter. Willow Haven Outdoor. Creek Stewart has been called the Wilderness MacGyver. He published his first survival manual and conducted his first clinic all before the age of Creek is a survival warrior with over 20 years of experience.