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Lesa has crossed paths with many people silently suffering through the same reality. In celebration of Mettle Brain's one year anniversary, I am releasing one of my earliest podcasts, re-produced in it's raw form. This episode is with Summer Myers. Summer is an art therapist and has become an expert at seeing the inner landscape of our lives. She shares how we can create more joy in our lives through creativity.

Summer explains that creativity is a human drive, like hunger or even a sex drive, and without satiating it we will become sick, as it is essential that we reflect our internal experience. Jessica Bragado is a health practitioner formally trained in Holographic Kinetics, an Australian Aboriginal healing modality. Although Jessica primarily leans on her gifts working with spirit to address issues either trapped in the body or in the greater energy field of her patients.

Jessica has a diverse clientele including Veterans and children. Jessica was raised in the Bible Belt and speaks beautifully of the balance required using her gifts in such a conservative part of the country. Jessica has been communicating with spirits since she was a small child, i. Jessica shares some of the knowledge she's gathered being a practitioner including how to get in touch with your own spirit and how to rid yourself of that which may not be serving you.

Throughout our conversation Jessica touches on the power of the mind, and the stories we reinforce. Jessica shares a few personal experiences while using her gifts and gives some interesting hypotheticals on people suffering with migraines, social anxiety, and personality disorders.

This episode is part of my series, "Morning Musings" which means you are listening to me, Heather Miller. In the future if you like these short 10 minute episodes, just look for M. M in the title of the podcast and you will know whether or not it's a Morning Musing. Today I discuss one of my favorite messages on love that J. Through her characters, Rowling explains that it's your capacity to love that is your greatest gift, and that it is this very gift that will bring suffering.

This pain is part of being human. Truthfully, I was completely overcome with emotion. I can't remember the last time I have cried from such a deep place. I wanted to share this beautiful message. I encourage anyone who doubts their inherent goodness to listen to this episode. Sometimes we get flipped in our heads and we forget who we are.

Have you ever heard of "The Ship of Theseus"? It is a fascinating thought experiment that I discuss in this episode of Monday morning musings. I came across the allegory of The Ship of Theseus twice in a day and found myself deep in thought about how change is happening at a deep level. I pose some interesting questions and insights to think about in light of this allegory: what are you trying to preserve in yourself? Do you have the tools you need to create?

What about your significant other, have key aspects of them seem to have vanished? Of course, life is an adventure He is a charismatic leader in his community and my Dad. I am so proud to be able to share some of his ideas that have shaped and guided my life. Paul has developed a tried and true process of edification and renewal that he shares. Be sure to catch his answer to the question, "what do you love about yourself" at the end. Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Nikki Arguinzoni-Gil is back to share more about what she's learned and seen working with patients for over a decade.

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We discuss some of the differences she sees between men and women. Nikki does it all with her patients: inflammation, chronic pain, infertility issues, hormone balance.

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She is also a gifted cranial therapist. Nikki also works with people of all ages and she described some of the the things she sees a lot of in each generation. No matter what the age Dr. Nikki describes what healing involves at any age, asking for help. Human Design is a growth system created in by founder Ra Uru Hu.

We discuss how she came to study and teach Human Design. Lynda was initially a skeptic of Human Design and she addresses what changed her mind in this interview. Lynda encourages listening to our bodies instead of our minds. Karen specializes in treating individuals with dissociative identity disorder, previously known as multiple personality disorder, trauma victims, and empaths. We discuss integration, finding your fit, and how we grow and evolve.

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Karen teaches radical acceptance through claiming every piece of ourselves, and remembering who we are. Nikki Arguinzoni-Gil is a naturopathic doctor. Nikki is the ultimate doctor for the mind, body, and spirit and with her unique ability to do cranial sacral treatments she has a unique approach to health. She's been practicing in the Los Angeles area for over nine years.

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We discussed her story, and the one thing we can all start doing today to transform our health-- listening. When Larissa was only 12 years old she was kidnapped while visiting her dad over the summer. We discuss what happened, the miracle of her survival, and her belief that nobody is beyond forgiveness. Larissa spends her days finding joy in the ordinary moments of life, growing in grace as a devoted mother, friend, and faithful servant. In addition to working with clients, Kelly is a contributor for a number of organizations including local charter schools, and online magazines.

In this episode we discuss family, including the loneliness some people feel while being with family, the reality that anyone can be a parent, and who is parenting the parents-- don't we all need a little parenting? Simple Pareek is a dynamic woman with a compassionate heart. She discusses how anyone can cultivate a deep connection with the natural world, earth spirit, or as she refers to it the "Supreme Soul.

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Simple explains that who we are is how we talk to ourselves when we are alone and implores us to be a little more compassionate and deliberate about our thoughts. Simple is a gifted clairvoyant and describes coming to peace with this rare gift. She discusses how she practices sending healing thoughts to those around her. This conversation will facilitate greater self-compassion and inspire you to be a more thoughtful human-- even one with a bundle of errors.

OwlTail only owns the podcast episode rankings. Copyright of underlying podcast content is owned by the publisher, not OwlTail. Audio is streamed directly from Mettle Brain servers. Downloads goes directly to publisher. The ink had rubbed off with age. When Siobhan offered to show me the sword, and label, I jumped at the chance. Having spent the last thirty years writing about poetry and song, this was one of my best moments ever. As I handled the surprisingly light , well-worn sword, I was acutely aware of its significance. For one of the few times in my life, I was struck completely silent.

It was a sword with a story — but whose, and what story?

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It could have arrived there at any point between , when the collection was first assembled, and when it was noted in an inventory. Perhaps the donor of this or these items had a special interest in song. In establishing provenance, one of the most interesting leads is its vellum label. This is frustratingly hard to read.

Nova (Sam Alexander)

The only word that leaps out is the name: Kinmont Willie. This places the person who wrote the label in the early nineteenth century. It could have been attached by the collector — or left after an auction. The handwriting, whilst faint, could potentially be identified through comparison with another sample.

It seems likeliest that the sword was in private hands, in some cabinet of curiosities within an emerging collection. Surprisingly, there is no reference to the sword in the writings of collectors of ballad-related items such as Walter Scott, or the Kirkcudbright born scholar William Macmath, who collected materials for F.