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Tansley, A. Wright, George E. Enlightened clerical view of psychical research.

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  1. Song of Songs (Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms).
  2. Review: EMPIRE OF DUST (Psi-Tech #1), by Jacey Bedford!
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Account of divided personality cases of the late nineteenth century. Lectures: consideration of religion in the light of science, philosophy and psychology. Hove, Alois van.

Closely reasoned attempt to bring the Roman Catholic doctrine of miracles in line with the principles of science. Monnier, Henry.

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Sympathetic study by a Roman Catholic physician of three definitive cures attributed to visits to Lourdes. Case of dissociation, in which a disturbed German girl appears unable to speak any known language and adopts the outward persona of an oriental. Viatte, August. Describes and analyses occult interests in the period , such as Mesmerism and Swedenborgianism.